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Hallin Installs World’s Largest Subsea Tidal Turbine

20 September 2010

E3k would like to congratulate Atlantis Resources Corporation on its successful deployment of the World’s largest and most powerful AK1000 tidal turbine into the sea off Orkney, Scotland.

The progress of this project has been followed with keen interest by e3k since 2000 when Mr Michael Perry met with e3k engineers to explore the idea of generating power from the tidal currents off the east coast of Australia. Mr Perry created Atlantis Energy Limited (AEL) and Dr Gilmore of e3k joined its board as a Director. Together they set about developing a device which was capable of harnessing energy from ocean currents and at the same time was unique and patentable.

Start-up funds were raised from private investors on the back of a U.S. Patent [No 7,654,082] for Intellectual Property developed by e3k engineers: Dr Duncan Gilmore, Dr Raymond Hope, Ms Melissa Kruger and Ms Carmen Keating; together with Mr Michael Perry and Mr Gary Campbell. The technology is known as “Nereus” and is now being commercialised by Altlantis Resources Corporation.

Whilst the 1,430 ton giant recently installed at the European Marine Energy Centre bears little resemblance to the original Nereus prototype [which was towed behind a fishing trawler in the Clarence River in Northern New South Wales, Australia, and subsequently installed off Victoria, Australia to generate power into the mainland electricity grid], this has in no way diminished the pride with which e3k observes the latest stage of Atlantis Resources Corporation’s continued developments in harnessing energy from ocean currents.