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Andrew Hunter Joins the First Subsea Sales Team

6 October 2008

06 October 2008

Andrew Hunter has agreed to join the First Subsea Sales Team as Internal Sales Engineer, effective as of today.

Working directly for Valerie, Andy will be undertaking many of the technical aspects of Sales proposals including some basic design reviews and calculations.

Initially he will focus on assisting Rob and Mark Dean with setting up the Pipeline Business Unit.

With regards to PLRTs, Andy will be responsible for determining what type of equipment is required to meet customer enquiries and whether we have something in the Asset Document that will suit or can be modified to make it suitable. Andy will initially be working with Design to determine an accurate nominal MBL and proof load capability for all of the PLRT tools on the Asset Document.

Design remains the authority for all calculations and drawings and must approve all detailed proposals that we know will lead to orders as well as new build drawings, manufacturing tolerances, assembly and testing procedures.

Andy will be working with Projects to plan the production of new tools that we need to meet the customer requirements.

Projects are wholly responsible for realistic project plans, purchasing, manufacturing, assembling.

They are also responsible for ensuring that accounts are notified when PLRT tools are out on rent and when they return and the value of rentals to be invoiced and to whom.

Andy will ensure that a PLRT tool returned to the Asset Document is accurately recorded as current status.

Andy is a BEng Hons Engineering graduate from Sheffield and a local boy. He is famous as the engineer who applied to Subsea UK for a career change whilst working at Hest Bank SPAR and just before driving an old banger from Plymouth to Banjul.