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Saab Seaye Expands Defence Role

12 November 2010

Saab Seaeye, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), is to take responsibility for the Saab group’s underwater vehicle division which currently forms part of Saab Underwater Systems in Motala, Sweden.

International sales and marketing functions and equipment manufacture will move from Sweden to be integrated into Saab Seaeye’s centre of operations at Fareham, UK.

An engineering capability for the underwater vehicle defence market will be created within Saab Dynamics in Linkoping, Sweden to become the Swedish office of Saab Seaeye.

‘The combined resource will create a powerful platform for growth that will better serve both the civilian and military market,’ says Dave Grant, managing director of Saab Seaeye, and the man behind the expansion of the company since it was acquired by Saab.

‘It brings Saab’s total underwater vehicle capability into one entity, where the technical synergy of the two groups coming together will significantly increase efficiency and innovation.’

‘The technologically advanced equipment currently supplied to the defence industry includes tethered, autonomous and hybrid underwater vehicle systems and this capability will also be offered to commercial customers, an example of which is the Seaeye Sabertooth Hybrid AUV/ROV.’

He predicts it will also bring more cost effective solutions for the defence industry at a time when defence budgets are under scrutiny.

Saab’s obligations to existing customers from both the commercial and military markets will not be compromised by this reorganisation.

Both existing and new customers will benefit from the integration, with the new enhanced operation able to readily respond to changes in market conditions with cost effective solutions and innovations based upon a proven record of technological excellence.