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GRL Sells Simulator To CTC

6 November 2008

06 November 2008

GRL has supplied a ROVolution simulator to North East-based CTC Marine Projects a subsea contractor specialising in the trenching of subsea pipelines and cables worldwide. The simulator will be used for general ROV pilot training and in practising trenching plough deployment.

CTC are using ROVolution as a general ROV pilot training tool to train pilots across all their ROVs and associated equipment. In one scenario GRL has customised ROVolution to use CTC's WR1 work class ROV to observe the deployment of the AMP500 trenching plough, used for cutting trenches and laying pipes. In this case, once the plough is deployed to the seabed, the ROV pilot has to set up key components before performing a complete plough inspection to ensure it is ready and safe to start operations. The instructor can also choose to activate a hydraulic leak to simulate plausible real world problems.

"CTC has made full use of the simulator in the training of all new entrants to the offshore training school. This has enabled the trainees to achieve a basic level of piloting competence and knowledge in preparation for their continued development offshore," said David Martin, Training and Development Manager, CTC Marine Projects.

A major benefit of the simulator is providing a safe environment as close to the real thing as possible. With sonar and instruments, the ROVolution reacts the same way as a real ROV across a range of scenarios. When trainees finish on the simulator and go offshore it's not an unsettling change as the operational and training environments are so similar.