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A Year of Innovation from C-Tecnics

14 January 2011

During 2010 C-Tecnics, Aberdeen based manufacturer of subsea video and communication systems, unveiled a number of new and innovative products designed to meet the needs of the inshore diving, offshore diving and marine survey markets.

All new products were designed in house by C-Tecnics engineering team who have many years experience in the development of electronic equipment for the underwater environment.

Released at the beginning of the year was the C-Vision Diver Video system, a highly portable two diver video recording and display unit with many novel features such as an in built diver communication system. Simultaneous recording of two divers plus up to 30 hours worth of HDD storage can be achieved and the system can be interfaced to external drives, networks and monitors just like a PC. The C-Vision is supplied with the C-Tecnics CT3008 High Resolution CCD Underwater Camera which provides excellent picture quality and operates superbly low light conditions. The C-Vision also controls the intensity of the diverís lights and C-Tecnics have introduced the CT4003 Underwater LED light to complete the package.

During the year, C-Tecnics received many enquiries for a High Definition variant of the C-Vision from customers involved in marine research and survey, C-Tecnics then responded with the release of the C-Vision HD. This single camera system enables recording and display of high definition video in a portable weatherproof case and features all the interface functionality of the original C-Vision. C-Tecnics developed the CT3009 Mantis HD Camera to compliment this system and also integrated zoom and focus control onto the surface control unit. A further enhancement was the inclusion of scaling laser with the package and these are also powered and controlled from the C-Vision HD surface control unit. The Tetra Laser modules were designed to be fitted to underwater vehicles to allow scaling of seabed features by the operator by projecting pinpoints onto the seabed or structure at preset distances from each other. Both the Mantis HD Camera and the Tetra Laser modules are available as standalone products.

Another excellent example of C-Tecnics response to market demands is the C-Depth digital depth meter. This consists of a portable weatherproof case featuring three digital depth gauges which receive electrical signals from up to three depth transmitters. These were designed to allow police search and rescue teams to safely monitor diver depths during operations where there may be little or no visibility, however, C-Depth is a fantastic depth measurement tool where simplicity and portability are essential.

Into 2011 C-Tecnics remain focused on continued design of new products and welcome any enquiries for supply of the products mentioned above or for development of new products to meet new operational challenges.