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WFS Delivers Revolutionary Remote Control Solution to WaveJet Personal Water Propulsion Systems

09 February 2011

WFS Defense and WFS Technologies, world leading suppliers of through-water wireless using radio frequency (RF) technology for communication and navigation, have completed delivery of handheld wireless remote control systems to WaveJet Technologies.

WaveJet Technologies of Santee, CA has recently introduced a series of Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) Surfboards, Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) and Water Rescue Boards. Powered by the patented WaveJet PWP pod, surfing’s first miniaturized jet drive technology; the boards make 8 to 10 knots on still water, which is 3 to 5 times faster than paddling. The WaveJet PWP pod is designed for use in an open variety of boards and personal watercraft from kayaks and kiteboards to small watercraft and scuba diving. WaveJet technology is a quiet, safe and green alternative to outboard motors and other external power sources.

WFS’ patented through-water radio technology provides a revolutionary and reliable remote control solution that maintains two-way communications between the operator and WaveJet’s PWP pod. The rider has the ability to control the propulsion system with the touch of a button on the custom designed wristband. The system not only allows positive operator control, but it also senses if the rider has fallen off the personal watercraft and will command an engine shutdown.

“The WFS wristband controller allows me to remotely operate my Personal Water Propulsion system while I’m out on the water,” said Mike Railey, CEO of WaveJet. “There is no on/off switch to reach for and no tether system required. It’s all controlled from my wrist remotely by this remarkable technology. The WFS system knows when a rider is separated from his board and automatically shuts off the motors. The rider dismount shutoff is a key safety feature for our product.”

WFS Defense CEO, William Porter, recalls “when WaveJet contacted us, Mike Railey wanted to employ a wireless remote control device to operate his propulsion system. His initial experience with conventional RF remote control devices revealed that those devices were unable to reliably communicate through dense surfboard material and through short distances of seawater. Using our penetrating radio technology, WFS solved the problem by designing and manufacturing a remote control system consisting of the operator wristband and a transceiver in the PWP pod. Taking advantage of our sensing techniques, the WFS system knows when the operator is separated from the PWP pod and instantly turns off the electric motors. It’s a wonderful project and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on it for WaveJet.”