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Energy Institute Publishes High Level Framework for Process Safety Management

18 February 2011

Following a number of recent incidents at offshore installations, refineries and petroleum storage facilities, effective process safety management is once again at the top of the agenda.

This isn't just about health and safety. This is about maintaining the future integrity of the business. Most well run organisations can tell you how many incidents they had yesterday; however, the real challenge is to be able to answer the question ‘How likely am I to have an incident-free day tomorrow?’

The Energy Institute (EI) has developed a common high level framework for process safety management across all energy industry sectors. The EI High Level Framework for Process Safety Management (PSM framework) provides a simple and systematic approach suitable for organisations large and small, defining the key things organisations need to get right in order to assure the integrity of their operations incorporating technical, maintenance, operational, together with human and organisational factors.

The dramatic impact that safety incidents in the energy industry have had upon the share prices of the involved companies has caused some institutional investors to question the security of their investments in the high hazard industries.

This new publication will assist senior executives and managers to understand how well they are identifying and managing the significant risks within their organisations which, if not appropriately managed, could result in a major incident which may threaten people, environment, reputations, financial performance and the very future of their organisations.