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Flexible Thermal Imaging Made More Affordable

01 March 2011

Technology that can help detect leaks and has the potential to save lives has been made more affordable with the launch of a new thermal imaging camera from leading manufacturer FLIR.

Aberdeen-based Inspectahire, a specialist in remote visual inspection technology and FLIR product distributor, has taken delivery of the new i3 series thermal imaging camera. Priced at £895, it is believed to be the most affordable thermal imaging camera currently available on the market and makes the technology more accessible.

Thermal imaging cameras are widely used across a diverse range of industry sectors. Commonly used to measure heat loss from buildings, to improve efficiencies in heating and cooling systems, and to identify overheating components in electrical circuits, the cameras can also be used for medical purposes to detect potential health problems.

FLIR i3: Making Thermal Imaging Cameras More Affordable.

Cailean Forrester, Inspectahire managing director, said: “The flexibility of a thermal imaging camera is one of its key advantages. Its ability to capture heat allows one camera to be used for multiple functions within one organisation. In an offshore environment its uses can range from predictive maintenance of assets, to screening staff for infectious viruses, to man-overboard incidents at night. Its use as a medical tool could highlight potential health issues before they develop in severity.

“The launch of the new FLIR i3 series makes the technology more affordable and puts it within easier reach of many. The i3 is extremely easy to use. Just point the camera, shoot the thermal image and detect the anomalies. It gives an immediate overview of the situation so that the problem area can be identified quickly.

“For any business looking to make workplaces safer and more energy efficient, and potentially save time and money, and prevent injury, this thermal imaging camera is an excellent choice.”

The FLIR i3 is the smallest and lightest thermal imaging camera currently available on the market and is capable of detecting temperature differences as small as 0.15ºC. The camera stores images on a removable SD card in JPEG format and all temperature data is included in the thermal image.