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Tritech’s Latest Version of Seanet Pro Now Released

23 March 2011

Tritech International is pleased to announce the latest release of its survey data acquisition, display and logging software package.

Seanet Pro, version 2, now offers users the ability for remote networkability; allowing subsea data to be streamed between several PCs connected to the same Local Area Network on the surface. Building on existing capability to network multiple subsea sensors, the package has been updated in line with Tritech's existing and imminent new product ranges, including SeaKing Hammerhead DST sonar and the Gemini multibeam range. The system also provides users with the ability to display a multitude of Tritech sensors and third party data through SeaNet Pro at any one time.

With the new release, users of Seanet Pro can now create their own windowed layout by selecting their Tritech products and adjusting how they are displayed on screen; highlighting Seanet Pro's straightforward ‘plug & play' functionality.

Tritech's Seanet Pro Windowed Layout Showing Gemini 720i Sonar Image of a Sunken Barrel

Seanet Pro is accurate and user-friendly, allowing subsea data to be captured, processed and translated with ease. The advancement of Seanet Pro is driven by the skills of Tritech's software development team.

Working behind the scenes to capture the very best customer solution for acquisition, control visualisation and data logging, the Seanet Pro software development team comprises of Kevin Matson (Software Manager), Christophe Auger & Matt Chamberlain (Software Engineers), alongside three new recruits; Pauline Jepp, Paul McMaster and Edward Thurman.

Jesse Rodocker from SeaBotix Inc. comments on his experience of the latest version of Seanet Pro: "Tritech has always provided an impressive integrated solution to sensor data that our clients find great value in. With so many of our clients using sonar, tracking and video the ability to work in one software package means reduced training, synchronized data and a common interface. Seanet Pro version 2 takes everything to a new level with the movable windows, wizards and output functions; it is a true compliment to Tritech's impressive line of sensors.”

In addition, all new product ranges can be connected and operated with existing Tritech products all from a single Surface Control Unit, with simultaneous control and display of all data through the Seanet Pro graphical user interface.

To download the latest release of Seanet Pro, visit Tritech's website: