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NURC Upgrades to Latest SeeTrack Software

23 March 2011

SeeByte, the global leader in creating smart software technology for unmanned systems, has provided the NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC) with two upgraded licences of their SeeTrack Military software.

The upgrades to NURC's SeeTrack licences will also include the latest versions of SeeByte's additional modules, comprising of the Computer-Aided Detection/Computer-Aided Classification (CAD/CAC) module, Navigation Post-Processing module and the latest release from SeeByte, their Performance Analysis and Training Tool (PATT). The motivation behind this procurement for NURC's fleet of AUV's is to enable NURC to provide pioneering technology solutions to NATO countries, allowing positive steps towards more efficient and effective operations in the areas of mine countermeasures, port and harbour security, maritime situational awareness and preventative measures for terrorism.

Ioseba Tena, Sales Manager at SeeByte commented; "We are proud that NURC have chosen to upgrade their SeeTrack licences to further their research. Our latest modules will provide them with more effective methods for enhancing awareness and security across NATO member countries.

Dr Warren Fox, Principal Scientist at NURC said; "SeeByte's SeeTrack Military software can help us transition our world-class research in support of NATO's maritime operational and transformational requirements to NATO fleets. Its open architecture platform means that any new and innovative tools we develop for mine countermeasures to safely and efficiently find explosive ordnance can easily be made available to all existing NATO users of SeeTrack Military.