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Tritech International Wins Major Overseas Naval Orders

17 November 2008

17 November 2008

Tritech International Limited has won a major military contract to supply three European navies with the latest mine counter measure sonars.

The Tritech sonars will be fitted to the German built, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK SEAFOX, single shot, mine counter measure vehicle. The SEAFOX systems are being supplied to three European navies.

The initial order is for almost four hundred sonar systems with a value that Tritech states is “well into seven figures”.

Richard Marsh, Vice-chairman of the Tritech Group of companies said,

“We are delighted to win this contract; it reflects the confidence of overseas navies in our sonar technology. There will be a two year supply programme followed by a ten year support programme.”


“Mines are very cost effective weapons. A £20,000 mine can very quickly take out a £200 million warship. SEAFOX vehicles fitted with Tritech sonars are the first choice for many Nato Navies, including the Royal Navy for whom we are currently in the middle of another supply programme.”

SEAFOX vehicles fitted with Tritech sonars ensure quick disposal of mines. The system is effective against long and short tethered mines, seabed and floating mines. By using CHIRP technology the effective detection range of the new Tritech sonar is increased by about 60% resulting in a 300% increase of the volume of water searched with a single scan.