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Expro and COSL Receive $25million Subsea Contract from Husky Oil

08 April 2011

A joint venture between Expro and China Oilfield Services, or COSL, has received a subsea and well testing contract worth in excess of $25million from Husky Oil China Ltd.

These services will be deployed by Expro and COSL's joint venture, CETS, which is based in Shekou, Shenzhen South China. This service supports the second stage of Husky's Liwan gas field subsea development in the South China Sea. The three-year contract includes a surface clean-up and flow-back package with the ability to flow and measure high gas rates.

CETS has installed surface equipment to handle the expected high flow rates while supplying Husky with accurate detailed data for further field appraisal. This pioneering work in the deeper waters of the South China Sea presents a number of challenges including readiness to unlatch at short notice during the typhoon season.

Expro's modular process equipment measures the performance of a well with acute accuracy. Testing involves flowing the well through a temporary completion and production system in order to measure flow parameters, and to gather representative fluid samples for analysis. These measurements are used to determine commercial viability, as well as to plan potential future completion and production facilities.

Expro's Express and ELSA in-riser electro hydraulic landing string system will allow the safe installation of all of Husky's subsea completion operations from the assigned DP drilling rig guaranteeing fast and secure well isolation and system disconnect during the critical well clean-up operations and completion deployment.

Graham Cheyne, Expro's subsea sales director, said: "This is the first deployment of Expro's large bore electro-hydraulic landing string systems in Asia and the first deepwater subsea development in China. This clearly shows our position as deepwater players in China and will further develop Expro's commitment to working with Chinese nationals and enhance our relationship with our joint venture company."