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GE Energy Brings New Cleaner, Smarter, More Efficient Products to European Markets

06 April 2011

GE Energy is showcasing an impressive portfolio of new product ranges for European markets at the 2011 Hannover Fair. (Hannover Messe April 4–8.)

Todd Johnstone, Chief Executive Officer of GE Energy's Industrial Solutions business in Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: "We are showing some unique and exciting technologies that will enable people to use energy in smarter and cleaner ways.

"We have invested heavily in new products to meet the needs of customers in industrial, commercial and domestic markets; particularly the ever more important need to use energy more efficiently in the face of rising costs.”

The new suites of products, including the iconic WattStation electric vehicle charger and the innovative HabiTEQ home automation systems, all demonstrate GE Energy's commitment to delivering cleaner, smarter, and more efficient ways of enabling people to live, work and run their businesses.

A range of industrial motors and medium voltage switching equipment are also all part of GE Energy's new offering in Europe.

Todd Johnstone says that the impressive new product lines are just part of GE Energy's business that also includes a range of supporting services: "We have established a strong and consistent presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where we are increasingly working closely with our customers to provide them with the packages of products, software, engineering advice and long term support services to provide them with complete solutions to their needs.”


GE Energy are bringing a family of charging stations to the European market, offering domestic and commercial users a range of easy to use, flexible and stylish systems to make electric vehicles a practical reality.

Making its European premier at Hannover, the WattStation electric vehicle charger by renowned industrial designer Yves Behar, is a distinctive device, which will become a common sight in cities throughout Europe.

In addition to its EV charging stations, GE Energy can provide the electric distribution devices and the expertise necessary to install and maintain small and large scale EV charging infrastructures; an all round package that is an important step towards building the infrastructure that will facilitate the future growth of clean electric vehicle technology.

It's Automatic

The HabiTEQ portfolio of smart building automation systems enables building managers to control energy consumption more efficiently while improving comfort and safety.

Flexible, and simple to install, HabiTEQ enables heating, lighting and security systems to be controlled from a touch panel or personal computer or automatically in response to human presence and weather conditions. HabiTEQ can even be linked to GE Energy´s SVT-photovoltaic system to align consumption with generation.

Motoring Forward

The 2011 Hannover Fair also marks the European debut of GE Energy's range of industrial motors.

Replacing and refurbishing motors in industrial processes can make an important contribution to the reduction of emissions levels. Through the use of new technologies and best practices GE Energy is now able to bring to the European market a range of reliable and energy efficient electric motors.

GE calculates that if an industrial user in the U.S. replaced one traditional 75KW 1800 RPM motor with the GE X$D Ultra displayed at Hannover, it could save enough energy to fully power at least two households in one year.