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Wood Group Kenny to Lead US$1m Subsea Technology Initiatives

12 April 2011

Wood Group Kenny announces the launch of two new joint industry technology initiatives, SURF IM and SLARP, valued at US$1m, which are considered critical for the future operation of subsea systems, particularly for deepwater and long-tieback locations. Wood Group Kenny has been proactive in proposing these initiatives to the industry during the past year, and 12 international operators have opted to participate in, and fund, these projects which will be performed by Wood Group Kenny over the next 12 to 18 months.

The SURF IM joint industry project encompasses the integrity management (IM) of subsea, umbilical, riser and flowline equipment (SURF) systems, with a focus on subsea equipment and an objective to establish the first best-practice that amalgamates the integrity management strategy for all SURF components through a consistently applied methodology. Led by Wood Group Integrity Management (WGIM) and supported by MCS Kenny, two Wood Group Kenny businesses, the project will identify current technology developments and needs for subsea inspection and condition monitoring.

Led by two Wood Group Kenny businesses, MCS Kenny and MSi Kenny, SLARP (slug loading and response in pipelines) focuses on developing design and analysis techniques to avoid pipeline vibrations caused by fluctuating internal fluids transported by the pipeline. Such vibrations can result in shutdowns or expensive intervention to repair or replace sections of the pipeline.

Kieran Kavanagh, Group director for Technology, Wood Group Kenny said:

"We are delighted to be leading two technology initiatives that are very important for the subsea industry right now. The industry participation is substantial, with major operators and subsea contractors involved. These are very much international projects that will impact the subsea industry on a worldwide basis."