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GAPS in Good Position as 100th Unit Leaves The Factory

16 May 2011

Unique System recently helped iXBlue to achieve a highly satisfying commercial milestone. The equipment rental company's UAE office has just taken delivery of six GAPS portable, pre-calibrated USBLs and among them, the 100th unit to leave iXSea's factory, in Brest - France.

Harry Gandhi, ceo of Unique System, said, "GAPS is very popular with our customers in the UAE for two main reasons: the units perform well under adverse conditions in shallow water and where there is excessive acoustic noise; also, as they are pre-calibrated, they can be deployed and put to work very quickly."

Jean-Marc Binois, regional sales manager, iXBlue and Harry Gandhi, CEO of Unique System

GAPS is unique in combining USBL, INS and GPS technologies in the same highly robust and versatile unit. As well as avoiding the need for calibration on-site, GAPS is the most accurate USBL in its class. "Our objective when we conceived GAPS was to combine flexibility and ease of use with world-class performance," says Jean-Marc Binois, regional sales manager, iXBlue. "The response from customers has been very positive, to the extent that we have now delivered more than 100 units. I expect to demand to stay strong as more users experience the benefits of the technology for themselves."

Unique System has previously bought PHINS 6000, OCTANS and heavy-duty acoustic releases from iXBlue. The company rents out equipment for geophysical and hydrographic survey applications, plus a range of underwater inspection and construction activities.