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Divex Launches New Shadow Enforcer

24 May 2011

International diving equipment technology company Divex are launching a new product the Shadow Enforcer.

Divex, who are headquartered in Westhill, Aberdeen, Scotland - recognised as the global centre of excellence for subsea technology have created Shadow Enforcer, the latest variant of the highly successful range of Shadow Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA).

Designed to meet the evolving operational roles of maritime law enforcement and special operations, Shadow Enforcer requires minimal pre-dive preparation and with a very compact design is ideal for covert operations.

Using the latest in CO2 absorbent technology, the ExtendAir® Cartridge enhances safety by reducing the possibility of CO2 breakthrough associated with scrubber packing which can be potentially lethal. The use of ExtendAir® Cartridges also provides improved breathing performance, consistent scrubbing durations and a far greater tolerance to water ingress in comparison to conventional granule systems.

Shadow Enforcer

Typical operations Shadow Enforcer can be used for are: ship's hull contraband inspection, ship's berth Improvised Explosive Device (IED) search, Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) and for submarine entry / exit.

The user can quickly upgrade Shadow Enforcer from a pure O2 rebreather to a semi-closed or combined pure O2 / semi-closed circuit UBA, allowing a deeper diving capability of up to 24m / 80ft.

The Enforcer can be supplied with a Buoyancy Compensation Jacket (BCJ), weight harness and open circuit bailout system. It can also be used with a bite mouthpiece or a variety of full face masks.

Scott Waddell, Engineering Manager at Divex comments: "We identified the need for a compact, easy to prepare rebreather that could be used in the areas of maritime law enforcement and special ops. Utilising the key elements of the world renowned Shadow family of rebreathers, tapping into the latest CO2 removal technologies and with a focus on compact, simple but effective design the Shadow Enforcer was born.

The Shadow Enforcer is to be launched at the Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) 2011 exhibition. UDT is being held at the ExCeL in London the 7-9 June, where Divex are exhibiting at stand B46.

Divex will be providing demonstrations of Shadow Enforcer at the dive demonstration tank, Tuesday 7 June at 15.3016.00 and Wednesday 8 June at 15.0015.30.