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Fugro Breaks World Record for Low-Logistic AUVs Using SeeByte Software

21 June 2011

SeeByte, the global leader in creating smart software technology for unmanned systems, announces that Fugro Survey Pty Ltd (Fugro) has successfully broken the current world record for the longest uninterrupted pipeline inspection using a low-logistics AUV.

The SeeTrack AutoTracker software was utilized by Fugro in conjunction with the Gavia AUV to survey a pipeline on the Northwest Shelf off Western Australia in 90 meters of water. The vehicle successfully inspected 31 kilometres of pipeline on a single mission, surpassing SeeByte’s existing record. The mission was manually ended due to low battery while AutoTracker was still operating successfully. The SeeTrack software was developed to enable AUV’s to carry-out export pipeline inspections. Through SeeTrack AutoTracker the inspection data is improved and time is saved by reducing repeat missions which are usually required due to missing data. SeeTrack AutoTracker can also operate in areas where multiple pipelines and unexpected burials are encountered.

Ian Hobbs from Fugro said: "The data attained from this successful mission has provided us with clear and accurate information regarding the status of the pipeline. The SeeTrack software operated at an ideal offset and it is apparent that, with practiced operations, the software provides a time-efficient method for accurate pipeline inspection. We were very pleased with the results.”