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Major Subsea Inspection Contract Awarded AGR to Field Operations

23 June 2011

AGR Field Operations has been awarded a major contract to perform a subsea inspection of offshore facilities in the Bass Strait of Australia. This significant scope of work involves an ROV based general visual inspection and a cathodic protection survey as well as installation work. The facilities to be inspected include two offshore platforms and their associated pipelines.

AGR Field Operations will be providing Project Management, HSEQ interfaces, Inspection engineers and coordination of the sub-contractors including vessels, ROV and positioning services. The final report will become part of an inspection database being commissioned by AGR Field Operations which will integrate legacy inspection data, reports and drawings for the assets.

AGR Field Operations is a leading provider of advanced inspection services in Europe. During 2010, a strategic decision was made to grow the Inspection and Integrity business in the Americas and Asia Pacific regions. This award confirms the need for unique AGR services and technology for global Oil & Gas operations.