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Bluestream Comeback Marked by Saab Seaeye Order

27 June 2011

Bluestream’s strong comeback in the market is signalled by an order on Saab Seaeye for a new Cougar XT light-work ROV.

The Netherlands based offshore subsea and rope access services company will use the Cougar XT for light construction tasks, remote tooling, HP cleaning, diver support, salvage, drill support, well intervention, non-destructive testing, pipeline survey work, inspection, repair and maintenance.

Bluestream welcomes the on-going support from Saab Seaeye following the company’s ‘rough weather period’ which was created by serious economic market changes combined with long term vessel commitments before and beginning 2008.

Managing director of Bluestream, Rolf de Vries, says there is a strong focus within Bluestream’s business model on ROV support services, in addition to contracted diving and rope access services. He also values Saab Seaeye’s support and faith in Bluestream’s future.

‘The Cougar XT is ideal for the type of work we are doing and gives us a stronger basis for building on the long experience we have in the oil and gas industry with our existing ROV fleet and specialists, together with exploiting new opportunities in the market of renewables.’

The ROV will join their fleet of five Saab Seaeye Tigers, and two Surveyor Plus systems. Based on fibre optic technology, the Cougar XT comes fitted with a Tritech Super SeaKing sonar, a Tritech altimeter and multiplexer video upgrade.

MD Rolf de Vries is ‘very confident’ and prefers that the Cougar-XT is a proven versatile model, ideal for light work-class jobs as well as survey tasks and can be adapted to receive a wide variety of sensors, ancillary equipment and tooling.

For pilots, a key feature of the Cougar-XT is its unrivalled manoeuvrability. This comes from its six thrusters: four vectored horizontal thrusters and two vertical thrusters, each having velocity feedback for precise control in all directions. Each thruster is interfaced to a fast-acting control system and solid-state gyro for enhanced azimuth stability that gives greater control and response than any other ROV on the market.

‘We have come through a difficult and challenging period,’ says Rolf de Vries, ‘but with solid support from partners such as Saab Seaeye, and backed by our long experience and track record in the business, we foresee a strong future ahead.’