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Expro Service Enables Subsea Operators to Monitor Integrity of BOPs, Casing and Risers

04 August 2011

Expro has launched a service that uses the Multi-Finger calliper and the Viewmax down-hole camera system to provide subsea operators with a firsthand view of underwater assets.

The service provides images and data to enable operators to view and monitor the integrity of BOPs, casing and risers.

The first component of the inspection service, the Multi-Finger calliper, can provide data to help the user to monitor the integrity of casing or marine risers in various diameter sizes.

The second component, the Viewmax camera, can be deployed in a well to conduct visual riser and BOP assessments.

Key features

Multi-Finger calliper

* Provides fully mechanical, simultaneous, independent and continuous readings from all of the feelers
* Includes applications for deformation analysis, casing wear and corrosion assessment

Viewmax camera

* Able to provide a down view as well as a side view, and can switch back and forth between the two
* Can be run on a standard e-line or a fibre-optic line for full-time, full-motion video
* Collects each image in 1.1 seconds on the e-line and collects 30 frames per second through fibre