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Kreuz Subsea Boosts Fleet with Saab Seaeye Cougar XT

09 August 2011

After winning a five year contract with Shell in Brunei, Singapore based Kreuz Subsea has added a Saab Seaeye Cougar XT to its ROV fleet.

‘We needed a trusted brand,' says operations manager, Robert Black, ‘and the Cougar XT has an outstanding power to weight ratio that nothing can touch.'

He also recognises the need to compete on a world stage where the search for oil keeps going deeper and conditions are more difficult.

‘That is why we chose a 2000 metre-rated ROV that does what it says it can do.'

He was particularly keen on a vehicle that could manoeuvre into tight spots. ‘We have access problems for larger work vehicles that the Cougar can now solve,' he says.

For safety's sake, Robert Black believes that highly responsive and capable ROVs should take over many more diving tasks, explaining that their client's wish is to minimise diver time in the water.

More manoeuvrable than any other ROV on the market, the Cougar XT's greater control and response comes from its six thrusters: four of which are vectored horizontal thrusters and two vertical. Each thruster has velocity feedback for precise control in all directions and is interfaced to a fast-acting control system and solid-state gyro for enhanced azimuth stability.

The Cougar XT configuration chosen by Kreuz in conjunction with Oceanvision, Saab Seaeye's Singapore-based distributor and Far East service hub, makes the ROV a versatile light work vehicle suitable for a wide range of operations.
It includes a Tritech Super SeaKing Sonar; a Kongsberg high-definition low light camera and a colour zoom camera; a dual five function heavy duty manipulator; and a CP proximity probe and contact probe.

A tether management system is also supplied with a stainless steel cage and 200 metres of tether, along with its own Seaeye mini wide-angle B&W camera.

An A-frame launch and recovery system is included with 1600 metres of armoured umbilical. The whole system comes with its own purpose-built 20 foot air-conditioned control and workshop container.