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Subsea Technologies Call for Proposals

19 August 2011

ITF is calling on technology developers to come forward with innovative solutions to subsea challenges, with the potential for successful proposals to receive up to 100% funding.

Identified by ITF’s members as a key priority, the Subsea Technologies Call for Proposals resulted from two Technology Challenge Workshops which took place in June. Oil and gas operators and service companies gathered in London and Perth, Australia, and explicitly identified the current shared challenges in the subsea field.

Neil Poxon, Managing Director of ITF said, "The subsea sector continues to grow in importance as more aspects of oil and gas operations are moved to the seabed. We are interested to hear from organisations that can help close the existing technology gaps in the sector. Not only do technology developers have the opportunity to have their ideas reviewed by major oil and gas players, but they can also secure funds to realise their novel technologies.”

Industry forecasts have predicted that around £10 billion of future subsea activity will be focused on deepwater, production, profitability and viability of remote and deepwater operations, all of which are key elements within the call.

The call is an open invitation for organisations to submit high quality proposals for research, development and/or field trial of potential solutions to deal with issues faced with subsea technologies. Specific areas of interest have been identified by ITF members as follows:

·Subsea Power

·Flow Assurance

·Subsea Separation

·Temperature Management

·Pipeline Integrity Management / Cost Reduction

·Low Cost Intervention

·Specific Australian Regional Challenges

The call also identifies priority focus areas in the Australasian region which aim to create a step change reduction in development cost and improve recovery. This includes water separation and disposal direct to ocean, pipeline corrosion management and remote power. However, these challenges are not unique to Australia and solutions may also be applicable to other regions.

The deadline for proposals is 6 October 2011. Interested companies can find out more at or by calling 01224 222410.

A not-for-profit organisation, ITF has 28 global oil and gas operator and service company members. Widely regarded as the global funding programme of choice, ITF has assisted in the funding of new technology developments from early stage joint industry projects (JIPs) through to field trials and commercialisation.