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Forum Subsea Solutions Announces Availability of Remote Operated Vehicle Super Mohawk II

26 August 2011

The Super Mohawk II is a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) which finds its application in NDT inspections, survey, observation, pipe-lay support and light to medium work. Abyss in particular will employ the ROV for survey, inspection and intervention work in West and North Africa for a number of clients. Having acquired the Super Mohawk II ROV system, Abyss International is in a position to provide to its new and existing customers with high quality ROV service that is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant.

The Super Mohawk is capable of performing most of the tasks performed by work-class vehicles. The general manager of Abyss International, Jean-Marc Moro, was convinced about the performance of the ROV when he initially got to examine it. He is of the opinion that the Sub-Atlantic Super Mohawk was a comprehensive total ROV Solution. He added that armed with the Super Mohawk, he will be able to meet the needs of diverse clients with ease. The ROV is 2000m rated and comes with a sophisticated subCAN control software. Forum Solutions intend to deliver the ROV in October this year along with a complete Launch and recovery, Tether Management Systems and Control Van.