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Career Mentoring Programme – Mentors Required

31 August 2011

The University of Aberdeen’s Alumni Relations Office and Careers Service have established a successful Career Mentoring Programme for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students. The Programme aims to link students with alumni who will act as a mentor and provide support and advice relating to career and professional development such as:

  • Exploring career options in your area
  • Providing information about current developments within your occupation / organisation
  • Getting started in your career
  • Learning about the job market in your area
  • Advising on strategy to help career progression
  • Discovering the skills required for work in your field

The programme will run twice during the academic year:

  • October – January
  • February – May

The Career Mentoring Programme is not a job referral network. We would not expect you to commitmore than 1-2 hours per month for the duration of the Programme. This should easily cover a number of email and/or telephone exchanges between you and your mentee. In addition, we would ask that you have 2 face-to-face, informal meetings with your mentee; one at the beginning and one at the end of the mentoring period.

For further information about what’s involved or to apply to take part in the programme, please visit or contact Julie Bakewell (

The deadline for applications for the October – January session is Wednesday14 September 2011.

The Career Mentoring Programme is just one of the many ways that you can stay engaged with current students and support the University of Aberdeen. The Careers Service is looking for alumni who would be interested in volunteering for a range of initiatives, including careers presentations, work shadowing opportunities and participation in Programme Advisory Boards. For further information, please visit or contact Julie Bakewell (