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Viper Subsea Unveils New Line Insulation Monitors at Offshore Europe Expo

07 September 2011

Viper Subsea will unveil its latest innovative subsea products – the V-SLIMTM Subsea Deployed Line Insulation Monitor, and V-LIMTM Line Insulation Monitor at the Offshore Europe 2011 exhibition (6th – 8th September).

V-SLIMTM provides a simple and convenient diver/ROV deployable method of fault finding and locating electrical problems within the subsea electrical distribution network where faults cannot typically be identified from topsides. V-SLIMTM immediately detects the presence of an earth leakage fault and provides a measurement of insulation integrity and loop resistance of any connected circuit, and can identify whether any earth leakage is ‘upstream’ or ‘downstream’ of the unit, helping to pinpoint the location of the problem.

Compatible with existing subsea control systems, V-SLIMTM helps to avoid unplanned interventions by monitoring and trending electrical system integrity.

Designed for use on AC floating systems, the V-LIMTM is a self contained, panel mounted, micro-processor controlled precision device that is specifically optimised to monitor the integrity of electrical umbilical cables. The device has been designed to allow integration into topsides equipment either as part of a new development or it can be retrofitted into existing installations.

The V-LIMTM accurately monitors insulation resistance, voltage, current, loop resistance and polarisation index of the umbilical and connected subsea equipment with high accuracies. The data gathered by the V- LIMTM can be used to analyse the rate of deterioration of system electrical insulation and when this is likely to result in a system failure. It can also help identify the probable type of system failure.

Neil Douglas, Managing Director of Viper Subsea said: "The most common failure arising from the subsea environment is the failure of insulation as a result of water ingress. Failures may result in short circuits and can eventually lead to total loss of subsea electrical control and unplanned shutdown of production from one or more wells.

"Viper Subsea recognises that operators need to ensure wells remain in production and the company exists to develop and deliver a range of products and services which provide robust monitoring and performance in the harsh subsea environment. V-SLIMTM avoids the need for inefficient and expensive disconnection and replacement of subsea equipment until faults are identified, while our V-LIMTM is specifically optimised for the low levels of insulation resistance exhibited by subsea umbilicals operating at the low end of their functional characteristics, which gives the technicians much sounder and valuable data analysis. In this way Viper Subsea supplies a range of solutions which help ensure that production is maintained.”

Viper Subsea was established in 2007 to provide turnkey subsea distribution systems and products, and to offer the market superior total management and consultancy solutions. Led by Neil Douglas and Max Nodder, Viper Subsea has established itself as one of the most talented organisations serving the subsea market and the company has enjoyed revenue growth of 40% year on year.

See V-SLIMTM, V-LIMTM and Viper Subsea’s range of subsea products on stand 6A28 at The Offshore Europe Exhibition.