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New Business Development Services Provides Tailored Support for Local Businesses

13 October 2011

Robert Gordon University launches Business Development Services to share its expertise and provide support to external companies, from start-ups to multinationals.

The launch of the new Business Development Services will assist businesses of all shapes and sizes to focus on their strategy and core strengths by providing them with the support and tools to realise their growth potential.

Services include the development of accredited and customised courses initiated by competency assessments, consultancy in the development of customised training courses and creation and cultivation of new innovations, recruitment advice for career and placement opportunities, research collaborations, knowledge transfer partnerships and intellectual property management.

Stuart Rennie, Director of Business Development Services at RGU, says, "The University recognises the significance of sharing expert knowledge and the importance to all businesses in having access to services that will help them thrive; every business wants to succeed and gain that competitive advantage.

"Our new business support services are underpinned by the universities experience, knowledge, industry connections and established partnerships to provide businesses of any size from any industry with advice, knowledge, tools and techniques, enabling them to focus their strategies and accomplish their objectives.

The benefits to organisations in using the Business Development Services are extensive, from maximising staff potential through competency frameworks and training courses to utilising the innovation services for technological solutions and collaborative research.

Tailored services offered by RGU have already been widely deployed by local businesses with global operational reach. The flexible nature of how services can be managed and delivered through methods such as distance learning ensures that all areas of the receiving business benefit to gain and maintain a competitive edge. To date, RGU has successfully collaborated with a range of clients including Shell, BP, Amec, Chevron and RBG.

Tom Crimi, Learning and Development Manager, Chevron Global Upstream & Gas, said, "For the past nine years, since February 2003, we have had a productive, consistently solid business relationship with RGU whereby over 1000 Chevron participants have been successfully trained through RGU courses. We believe that Chevron participation in these courses has enhanced our competencies in the applicable Supply Chain management areas.

For more information on the Business Development Services offered by RGU please call 01224 263320 or visit