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Forum Awarded the Sale of Two XLX ROVs to MRTS

27 October 2011

Forum Energy Technologies, Inc (Forum) is pleased to announce the entry into an agreement with MRTS, an operator of offshore pipe laying vessels based in Moscow, Russia, to sell two Perry™ XLX ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles). This will mark the first sale of work-class ROV systems from Forum Subsea Technologies into Russia. Delivery of the XLX ROVs is expected in April 2012.

The XLX ROV is a work-class system capable of producing 150 to 250 horse power, with operational and equipment fit capabilities that allow for a broad range of subsea operations such as construction work, pipe burial inspections and tooling intervention. These systems will be mobilized on board MRTS' own vessel, the "Kendrick,” along with a full saturation diving system. This is MRTS' first purchase of work-class ROVs and they are expected to be used primarily for inspection and to support pipe laying burial. MRTS' partner survey company, Fertoing, is projected to handle all operations and maintenance of the work-class ROVs.

Both ROVs are the latest generation of the XLX design and will be fitted with an extensive array of fully integrated tooling and survey equipment at Forum’s recently upgraded facility in Kirkbymoorside, UK. Forum Subsea Technologies’ product offering ranges from electric observation ROVs to large hydraulic work-class vehicles used for inspection, survey and deep-water construction, as well as other remote intervention technologies and services.