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Wireless Tension Monitoring System Launched by MSSL and WFS

28 October 2011

WFS Subsea, leading supplier of through-water (and through-ground) wireless technology for communication, navigation and power transfer and Monitor Systems Scotland Ltd today begin promoting the r-tTs (Real-Time Tension Sensor) for wireless load monitoring in the Offshore, Marine and Energy industries.

Typically, once an alarm is received to indicate a problem with chains on a production vessel, its too late. The R-tTS (Real-time Tension Sensor) is a unique wireless anchor and hawser PC based system from Monitor Systems Scotland Ltd, using wireless capability from WFS. The real-time nature of the system provides immediate data on mooring chain tensions for all types of production vessels, including FPSO's and can also be used to effectively to monitor load on renewable energy devices such as floating wind turbines and wave riding devices. The system uses hybrid radio/acoustic technology to monitor multiple chains simultaneously and give early indication if safe load parameters are exceeded.

Critical data is provided on: load, tension, inclination, orientation and can be used to effectively monitor mooring lines, anchors and chains in subsea applications. Any change in condition would be communicated to surface operators, enabling swift action if required.

WFS' wireless technology enhances monitoring systems in subsea industries by enabling "real-time" data transmission and inductive power transfer in the underwater environment. Data transmission is unaffected by shallow and congested waters, by harsh weather conditions or by ambient noise so the technology will operate effectively in complex environments. This makes the technology a complimentary partner where acoustic methods are already being used.

WFSs wireless modem, seatooth®, can penetrate water, air, the air/water interface and can even penetrate solid material (seabed, ground, harbour walls, ice) to allow two-way, reliable communications and data transfer at high data rates. WFS's proven technology is used across the subsea sector in many diverse applications including wireless controls, wireless integrity monitoring, wireless sensors and a variety of applications requiring wireless subsea connectors.
Monitor Systems Scotland Limited was established in Aberdeen in 1997, to meet the needs of customers seeking complete solutions for acquiring and analysing data and for monitoring and controlling process requirements in both hazardous and non-hazardous industrial and offshore environments.

Since inauguration, Monitor Systems has established itself as a leading provider of electrical / electronic instrumentation and monitoring solutions for small to multi-national organisations in a diverse range of industries and has been presented with three "Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards for growth.