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New Calgary HQ Bolsters Oil & Gas Camera Specialist EVís Global-Leading Position

09 November 2011

Industry-leading oil & gas camera and video specialist EV has reinforced its global footprint by opening regional headquarters in Calgary to meet increasing demand in the Canadian energy hub for its next generation technology.

The company has also established a presence in the Red Deer and Grande Prairie oil & gas hot spots of Canadaís Alberta province to further enhance its commitment to the region.

Within just one year, EV has fast become the leading player in its field by developing world-class camera and video technology that is being used globally to obtain pictures in remote and challenging environments such as down wellbores, inside pipelines and from facilities to the seabed.

EVís proprietary tools are underpinned by its industry-reputed expertise and rapid response which has led to the company fast developing a track record with an international portfolio of high-profile clients on a diverse range of projects and assignments.

The launch of EVís Canada HQ and supporting bases comes less than two months after the company announced rapid expansion across the US, Scandinavia and the Far East.

David Clover, chief business development officer at EV, said: "The exceptional growth in EVís business mirrors the increasingly-growing demand and industry endorsement of our technology and services. In just 12 months, EV has not only gone from being a UK company to a truly global one and tripled its workforce but the company is continuing to evolve and consolidate its position for future international expansion.

"The opening of EVís Canada headquarters and supporting satellite offices in the region underpins the companyís growth which has surpassed our expectations.Ē

Curtis Jerrom has been appointed to head up EVís Canada operations. His track record spans more than 15 years as a downhole video specialist in the energy industry, working with Halliburton, GrisGun and Expro before taking up his current post.

Jerrom said EVís technology was integral to the companyís significant growth: "EVís experienced engineering team has developed major advances to downhole and wellbore camera and videotechnology, many of which have been customer driven and are breaking new ground. In Canada, EVís tools have been successfully applied on a number of land work for fishing, well inspections - both horizontal and vertical, deployed off from tractors - and for coil tubing systems.

"For example, EVís Slickline Memory camera is more advanced than its predecessors in many ways. Its transmission rates, operating pressures (15K Psi) and added features, such as a high side indicator and inclinometer, have been key to helping to place wellbore events accurately to assist with fishing operations and hydrocarbon entry in horizontal and vertical wellbores.Ē

Jerrom aims to fast build on EVís Canada footprint: "The Canada market offers huge business opportunities for EV and the team here will be actively working towards the companyís bold ambition to become the dominate choice for downhole cameras by mid-2012. We have already created six new jobs and are currently recruiting for more people. We expect to double the team within the next six months and bring new technologies to the market.Ē

EVís remote camera and video technology has saved operators significant rig time, reduced non-productive time and enabled production to be re-established quicker. An increasing number of oil and gas companies are recognising the benefits of being able to see what is happening in these challenging environments and therefore make the correct decision.

EV is also experiencing a rise in the number of operators that are proactively implementing its tools for regular maintenance and inspection.

Video footage showing the visual quality of EVís technology in action is available by visiting the companyís website: