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Success Story for Allspeeds

30 November 2011

Cecon recently approached Allspeeds for a cutting solution for Sonagol in Angola during the demobilisation of Ocean Producer FPSO. Their task was to recover all the coil tubing, umbilicals and production risers.

The vessel would travel along the pipeline picking up the coil tubing, cut and drop it into the container then carry on with this process working its way down the pipeline. This would be done using a caterpillar hauloff to pull the wire rope onto the ship and present them to the cutter where the rope can then be cut into the container.

With all the specifications, Allspeeds commenced with cutting trials using heavier tube samples and concluded that the RVC190 and the HCV270 would be the most effective and safest options for this job.

Allspeeds supplied Cecon with a large power pack with pendant control, 3 RVC190s and a HCV270. The report back from Cecon was that the first RCV 190 made total of 1800 cuts, 1650 of this was coil tubing. All cuts were made on the same knife. The second cutter made 1390 cuts mainly on the 4 umbilical (again same knife on all the cuts). The HCV 270 cutter was used on the 250 m long 10 outside diameter riser and the 7 outside diameter gas lift lines, total cuts were 194, the blade was changed once during the 194 cuts.

The project was a success. Webtool cutters once again proved that they were "a cut above the rest".