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Let Jee Clear Up the Mystery of Landfalls and Marine Terminals

08 December 2011

It is essential knowledge for every subsea oil and gas project, yet landfalls and marine terminals seem to be the ‘ugly duckling’ of the subsea engineering world; with morefocus puton easier, more appealing projects. Now, Jee, a pipeline, riser and subsea engineering company is helping engineers to understand the principles behind landfalls and oil and LNG terminals and the pitfalls to avoid, with a 3 day technical course.

With the advancement of the oil and gas industry restricted by a lack of a new engineers with the right skills, companies cannot afford to just rely on the most senior engineers to oversee projects, but need to train up the next generation. Jee’s Landfalls and marine terminals course gives a complete understanding of this niche area from site selection and design through to operation, health and safety and how oil and gas is brought to shore.

Jenny Matthew, Head of Courses at Jee Limited said: "This course has been designed for civil engineers and those that get involved in subsea pipeline projects. It really fills a training need in the industry as no other comparable course is available.”

Rabinder Manku, Civil Marine Engineer at BP said of the course "A must for anyone engaged in the design of marine facilities in the oil and gas Industry. The course is delivered by an experienced subject matter expert and covers a niche area, which is difficult to access through other training providers."

Course tutor Alan Knowles is a Civil and Construction Specialist at Jee and author of the course. His 30 years of experience as a civil engineer has seen him work on various projects including analysis of single point mooring cable support, hydraulic analysis of a tankfarm landline, offshore single buoy mooring (SBM) and pipelines and the design of the large diameter deepwater outfalls at Piraeus Athens.

So, attend the Landfalls and marine terminals course, 10-12 January in Aberdeen and let Jee help clear up the mystery and turn the 'ugly duckling' into a swan. Visit for details.