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More Power, Lower Emmissions: Key Features of Three Newly Certified Ergomagination Products from GE Oil & Gas

27 January 2009

GE Oil & Gas have announced that three key products in its technology portfolio have recently received GE ecomaginationSM certifications:

- GE's proven, highly reliable PGT25+ dry low emissions (DLE) aeroderivative gas turbine, which was designed specifically for oil and gas applications.

- GE's PGT25+G4 DLE aeroderivative gas turbine module was also certified. It is the growth version of the PGT25+ and will dramatically increase the power of facilities including pipeline compressor stations, onshore/offshore production sites and liquefaction sites.

- The ORegen* waste heat recovery system, which can produce additional power without any further emissions and no water use.

Ecomagination is GE's corporate commitment to help customers overcome their environmental and economic challenges. To earn ecomagination certification, a product is evaluated for its ability to significantly and measurably improve the customer's environmental and operating performance. The rigorous, multi-tiered review process is concluded with an independent, third-party audit to ensure accuracy and thorough documentation of technological performance.

To date, eight GE Oil & Gas products have received ecomagination certification.

“Given the current global economy, the oil and gas industry is looking for proven, cost-effective solutions to optimize the performance of facilities and also demonstrate a commitment to reduce their environmental footprints,” said Claudi Santiago, president and CEO, GE Oil & Gas. “GE's ecomagination certification is an important tool that we can use to quantify the value of our PGT25+ and PGT25+G4/DLE technologies and ORegen waste heat recovery system for our customers.”

PGT25+DLE and PGT25+G4 DLE aeroderivative gas turbine systems

At base load conditions, GE's PGT25+DLE and PGT25+DLE G4 aeroderivative gas turbine technology operating on natural gas has an efficiency of 41%, the highest in the 30-35 megawatt power range, producing lower CO2 emissions per megawatt of power output than competing technologies.

The PGT25+ and PGT25+G4 are LM2500+ and LM2500+G4 gas generators coupled with a high-speed power turbine that can be used for power generation or mechanical coupling to a compressor. The core engine for the gas generator is engineered from the CF6-6 aircraft engine. The technology for the high-speed power turbine is engineered from industrial gas turbine technology.

The DLE combustor has been developed specifically for industrial use where emission requirements, high operability and fuel flexibility are required.

ORegen Waste Heat Recovery System

When coupled with a simple-cycle gas turbine, the ORegen system generates electricity from waste heat while consuming no additional fuel or water and avoiding associated CO2 emissions. A simple-cycle gas turbine equipped with the ORegen system operating more than 8,500 hours a year, compared to the same turbine operating in a combined-cycle system, generates additional electricity while avoiding the consumption of more than 11,000 cubic meters of water per year ─ equivalent to more than four Olympic swimming pools.

The ORegen system is ideal for use in locations where water is scarce or cannot be exploited. It does not require on-site manned supervision and can operate at very low ambient temperatures.

“Many industrial processes generate waste energy that passes out of plant stacks into the atmosphere and is lost. Energy recovered from waste heat streams could supply part of the electric power required by a plant, at no additional cost. Therefore, heat recovery offers a great opportunity to conserve by productively using this waste energy to reduce overall plant energy consumption and simultaneously decrease CO2 emissions,” Santiago said.

More than 80 products from across GE's corporate portfolio have earned ecomagination certification since the program was launched in 2005.