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English Braids to Showcase Expertise at Subsea 2012 and Oceanology 2012

05 January 2012

2012 will see English Braids Limited of Malvern, Worcestershire exhibit for the first time at both Subsea 2012 and Oceanology 2012.For over forty years English Braids have been manufacturing rope and cord from synthetic fibres such as Dyneema, Polyester, Nylon, Technora, Kevlar and Polypropylene.

In diameters from 0.8mm through to 120mm and coupled with their expertise in working with specialist high-tech fibres such as Dyneema they are the perfect partner for towing and mooring lines in the subsea and commercial market sectors including applications such as wide towing-ropes, streamer spread ropes, bridling systems and spliced connections for bespoke systems.

‘Our ropes made from Dyneema are extremely strong, light weight as well as resistant to the harsh conditions that they have to be used in,’ says Steve Hayman of English Braids Limited, ‘They have little creep, low elasticity, can be easily spliced and are resistant to corrosion as well as being easy on ships equipment such as winches and sheaves’

Whereas steel-wire ropes used in seismic applications generally need replacing every four to five months it is not surprising to see Dyneema ropes still in operation after two years. Another huge advantage for the operators is the safety factor. With extremely long lines under high tension, steel lines always carry the risk of ‘a snap back’ when a wire breaks. Dyneema ropes practically eliminate this threat because of its low elongation properties. As well as this there is the added advantage of resistance to tension and bending fatigue.

With Dyneema being less dense than water means that buoyancy becomes a further advantage over steel-wire in ocean or sea applications.The superior qualities and advantages of Dyneema rope coupled with the greater strength and safety mean that English Braids Dyneema ropes are the ideal choice for rigging of fleets around the world.

For further details please visit their stand at either Subsea or Oceanology 2012, call them on (01684) 892222 or email them at