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Hydratight Puts Tension to the Max

03 February 2009

Hydratight, one of the world's leading bolt-tensioning and joint-integrity companies, introduces TensionMax ­ the most complete range of multi-capable tensioners available.

The TensionMax range, consisting of the AquaMax subsea tensioner and its parallel topside tensioner, HydraMax, is the first specifically designed to generate the increased loads needed to tension Vector SPO Compact flanges, while retaining the capability and flexibility to tension Taperlok and all standard ANSI, API and MSS types.

The Vector SPO compact flange is increasingly used in the subsea industry because of its smaller sizes, lower weight and guaranteed seal integrity. But the system's high load requirements have caused problems for many bolt-tensioning tools designed for traditional ANSI sizes and loads— until now.

“AquaMax offers subsea engineers a “one stop shop” for all tensioning needs, eliminating the requirement for a variety of different tools, with the added benefits of reducing risk and increasing safety by using one product range with one set of operating procedures,” explained Hydratight's global subsea market leader, Neil Johnson.

The complete AquaMax range covers 19 diameter-specific tools varying from CJ01 (¾”, M20) to CJ19 (4”, M100), while a core range of just eight tools, available from stock, covers the major bolt sizes from 7/8” (M22) to 31/2” (M90). All the tools are compatible with Hydratight's existing quick-fastening nuts. All AquaMax tools have a 30mm standard stroke, except the CJ01 and 02 models, which have 20mm.

Tools in the eight-strong core size range when used on standard flanges (API/ANSI/MSS) can tension their nominal size, and 80% of the next size down — in other words a CJ03 will cover all standard flanges with one inch bolts and eight out of ten standard flanges using 7/8” bolts.

AquaMax's parallel HydraMax range caters for the same wide range of compact and standard flange types, but on topside-assembled flanges.

HydraMax's 15 bolt diameter-specific tools vary from TS01 (¾”, M20) to TS15, (4”, M100). HydraMax tools have a standard stroke of 15mm (except TS01, 10mm). The range from TS01-TS05 has mechanical overstroke prevention, while TS06-TS15 have relief-valve overstroke prevention and spring return.

“The TensionMax range is the latest addition to one of the world's widest ranges of joint integrity equipment,” said Neil. “Its launch reinforces Hydratight's commitment to listening and responding to our customers' needs”