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Kongsberg Evotec Establishes Cranes and Lifting Department

29 February 2012

Kongsberg Evotec, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime, has established a new department dedicated to developing its crane and lifting products for the offshore supply and subsea segment.

The department, which opened officially in January 2012 is based in Molde, Norway, with production taking place at the Kongsberg Evotec headquarters in Gurskøy, Norway.

Initially, Kongsberg Evotec will deliver deck cranes, offshore cranes, subsea cranes and railcranes including safe deck operation tool with capacity up to 400Tm.

The company will develop cranes and lifting equipment to meet the challenging offshore and Arctic environments, with focus on safety, green credentials and operational efficiency.

"Cranes and lifting is an exciting and complementary field for Kongsberg Evotec,” said Tormod Olsen, Site Manager, Kongsberg Evotec in Molde.

"Our experienced team is developing an extensive portfolio covering cranes and lifting systems for standard and complex operations, and we are looking forward to launching several new and exciting products and solutions in the future.”

Acquired by Kongsberg Maritime in October 2011, Kongsberg Evotec is a provider of marine handling technology to the demanding offshore industry. In addition to the new cranes and lifting equipment, engineering and service, Kongsberg Evotec also designs and builds hydraulic power packs, winches, spooling devices, overboard handling equipment and control systems.