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Ashtead Technology Invests in Calibration Laboratories

21 March 2012

Leading subsea equipment rental company Ashtead Technology has made a substantial investment in order to operate established equipment calibration facilities in all its office locations. In addition to the standard range of product calibration services, the Singapore and Aberdeen branches offer the ability to calibrate depth, temperature, conductivity and sound velocity equipment to manufacturer’s standards. These calibration facilities have been audited and approved by Valeport Ltd: a leading manufacturer of Oceanographic Instrumentation to the survey industry.

Ashtead engineers have undergone comprehensive specialist calibration training at leading manufacturers Valeport, Ocean Scientific and Tritech. The labs have been developed in close collaboration with these manufacturers to ensure the same high level of calibration standards will be obtained.

As part of Ashtead Technology’s new Integrated Technical Services initiative these calibration facilities are being made available to the customer base, providing a quality approved, local, and fast calibration facility for CTDs and SV probes. The benefit of these Labs is that it will allow cost savings to be passed onto the customer, by significantly reducing the amount of money spent on external calibrations. It will also ensure higher availability of equipment, by reducing the period of time taken to calibrate equipment through the removal of shipping time to/from the manufacturer.