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India’s Tata Company, Qtel, Launch TGN-Gulf Subsea Cable System

26 March 2012

Tata Communications has announced the launch of its TGN-Gulf subsea cable system, with Qtel as a partner, to connect the Gulf to Mumbai, India and onward to the rest of the Tata Global Network (TGN).
The venture is also in partnership with Nawras (Oman), Etisalat (UAE), Bahrain Internet Exchange, and Mobily (Saudi Arabia).

Tata Communications is a global communications service provider that owns and operates the world’s largest subsea cable network.

The TGN cable system is the first TGN cable to serve the Gulf region and will offer network access to the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, providing carriers and businesses with a direct route into the emerging markets of the Gulf region.

The TGN-Gulf cable system will initially offer speeds of up to 10G and a greater geographical reach for Tata Communications’ customers, providing a critical backbone for economic development across the Gulf region.

The cable network boasts significant depth in key emerging markets including China, India, South Africa as well as the Gulf region and currently covers nearly 20% of the world’s Internet routes reaching over 240 countries and territories.

The TGN-Gulf cable uses fibre optic connectivity to bring unmatched capacity and secure, scalable high-speed bandwidth to all the key cities in the region, and the rest of the world.
It will provide city-to-city connections in contrast to more traditional networks which only link cable landing stations.

Tata Communications has also announced the completion of the world’s first wholly-owned round-the-world fibre optic cable ring.