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Hydratight Launches Enhanced Load Calculation Software

29 March 2012

Hydratight responds to the increasing world pressure for higher jointing standards with an enhanced version of its market-leading load calculation software, Informate, and a powerful, highly-flexible new joint management system, iDMS.

New Informate ICE (Integrity Calculation Engine) -launching at OTC 2012 in Houston - builds on the success of the existing Informate software, while Hydratight iDMS dramatically improves on the company’s world-leading JDMS management platform, offering far greater flexibility and new user-demanded features.

This major upgrade of both systems comes in the light of increased recognition of the need for leak free bolted-joint performance, driven by tougher world safety standards.

Informate ICE has been re-engineered from the ground up. Available as a desktop application or cloud-based, Informate ICE can perform calculations on hundreds of joint combinations based on existing, new and emerging industry standards. Its advanced engine offers joint analysis based on application-specific parameters and worst-case conditions.

This power is delivered through a more informative user interface and offers custom-flange calculations, hundreds of new gasket-, bolt- and flange-material combinations, and even a handy toolbox of frequently-used calculations.

In May 2012, after a very successful decade at the forefront of the joint integrity market, Hydratight will launch an exciting new cloud-based, platform-independent product, Hydratight iDMS.

The new system will be usable from any web browser, operating in the cloud from highly secure and resilient data centres.

New iDMS greatly expands on the previous system by being configurable not just for the oil and gas industries but also for chemical, engineering, nuclear, construction and many other types of operations. Hydratight’s world-leading system is highly scalable, perfect for anything from 1,000 to well over 100,000 joints.

New, enhanced Informate ICE is also built into the iDMS system, to handle any necessary bolt load calculations in the same way as the stand-alone version.

iDMS can record every calculation and maintenance operation on any included joint. For oil and gas and refining applications, iDMS will integrate with piping specifications and can import and store line lists and project documentation.

Hydratight iDMS allows any type of shutdown and turnaround operation, construction or maintenance tasks to be planned in advance. A work-pack management system controls all stages critical to safety and joint integrity, from breakout, inspection and re-machining to assembly, controlled tightening and testing. A sophisticated reporting suite enables progress reporting and exception tracking.

The iDMS interface is even more intuitive than before, with better visual reporting, comprehensive dashboards offering instant feedback on progress and an improved click-through hierarchy that allows drill-down to any item in seconds.

Both new systems build on well over a decade of development and expert usage of Hydratight’s original joint database software, created back in 2000.

"The forerunner of today’s system was built for a single asset in the North Sea,” said Hydratight joint integrity leader, Joe Gill. "But from there the software has been continuously developed, based on user feedback from assets and construction projects by major operators all over the world

"Informate is the perfect tool for bolt load calculations in any industry where reliable joint performance is essential.. Any company that needs to work on bolted joints will find Informate invaluable.

"And any company that needs to manage a plant with anything from 100 to 100,000 - or more - bolted joints needs iDMS to help ensure continued integrity and maintenance.”