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Marine Industries Make a Splash at BIS

19 April 2012

The Government will launch its first marine industries showcase at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) today to highlight the industry’s multi-billion pound contribution to the UK economy.

Held in association with the UK Marine Industries Alliance, ‘Marine Manufacturing - Global excellence and innovation’ celebrates the role of the industry to UK manufacturing across five key themes including leisure, naval, marine energy, commercial and marine science.

Business Minister Mark Prisk will tour the showcase, meet with business leaders and see for himself some of the latest examples of modern marine technology, innovation and design.

The Minister, who is also co-Chair of the Marine Industries Leadership Council, which provides a focal point for discussions between Government and the broad marine manufacturing industries, said:

"Worth approximately £10 billion a year to the UK economy and employing over 90,000 people, the marine industries sector makes an important contribution to UK PLC. Taking the maritime sector into account too, which includes shipping, ports and business services, that figure grows to £17bn.

"Last year the Government launched a strategy for growth for the UK marine industries, which working with the maritime and marine services sectors, will help bolster that contribution from £17 billion to £25 billion a year by 2020. That offers fantastic growth prospects for businesses and people.

"What we want to demonstrate with this showcase is that there are real and exciting opportunities in this sector to build careers, and be a part of something that helps place Britain as one of the world’s leading manufacturing nations.

"It complements our Make it in Great Britain campaign, which is working to change the perceptions of modern manufacturing and challenge views that we don’t make anything in this country anymore.”

Richard Sadler, Industry co-Chair of the Marine Industries Leadership Council and Chief Executive of Lloyds Register, said:

"Our strategy unifies the marine industries behind a common cause for the first time. Achieving our goal of growth across the marine industries will be much easier if we coordinate our actions. This will lead to more effective training and skills development, cooperation on new technology, and an improved regulatory environment, amongst other things.

"Ultimately, we want our customers and the public to see that we are contributing to the economy and society with worthwhile products and services. We really appreciate the opportunity that the Minister and his Department have given us to show what we can do. I call on all UK marine companies and stakeholders to join us in our endeavour.”

The ‘Marine Manufacturing - Global excellence and innovation’ showcase will feature exhibits from leading maritime names Pendennis, Fairline, Williams Performance Tenders, C-Fury, Marine Current Turbines (Seagen), Houlder, A&P Group, Sonardyne and the Aircraft Carrier Alliance.

Exhibits include a full scale Williams jet tender, models of a Marine Current Turbines tidal turbine and Houlder offshore access system, Fairline powerboat and Pendennis superyacht models and a full scale Sonardyne seabed sensor.

The showcase will be on display at BIS until Friday, 27 April.