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OTC 2012: Dow Releases Advanced Subsea Flow Assurance Insulation System

03 May 2012

Dow Oil & Gas has launched the NEPTUNE advanced subsea flow assurance insulation system, a technology specifically engineered to withstand the increasingly harsh conditions associated with subsea oil production.

Designed for line pipe, field joint and subsea architecture applications the system combines thermal properties with the highest temperature performance end-to-end: from -40C (-40F) up to 160C (320F) during installation and use, at depths of up to 4,000 m (13,123 ft).

The system is based on a new chemistry developed by Dow for this application: a proprietary, hybrid polyether thermoset. The all-in-one system features two layers:

  • NEPTUNE FBE Anti-Corrosion Coating, a fusion-bonded epoxy based on patented Dow resin technology
  • NEPTUNE Flow Assurance Insulation Coating, a proprietary, hybrid polyether thermoset material.

The company says the dual-layer composition of the NEPTUNE system provides a distinct advantage by eliminating the need for a separate adhesive tie layer, simplifying the entire application process, and reducing the potential for error.