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Subsea UK at Sheffield University

Subsea UK at Sheffield University

22 November 2012

This event has concluded.

Subsea UK visited Sheffield University in November, with guest speakers from a number of high profile subsea companies.

"The careers presentation was a well attended event. A range of Engineering students heard from a selection of companies from within the SubseaUK membership," said Howard Bradfield, Materials Engineer at Nylacast. Presentations gave students a flavour of the industry, and advice on how to get started on their subsea careers.

"There is no doubt that a new generation of engineers has been inspired to look at the oil and energy sector with renewed interest," added Bradfield.

The innovative and dynamic UK subsea industry is a centre of excellence that is leading the rest of the world and has to continue to attract new people to strengthen the industry’s capabilities to design, manufacture, install and operate reliable subsea systems.

With current UK revenues of £6 billion, the global subsea sector is predicted to double over the next five years to £20 billion with the potential to create thousands of career opportunities in all of the main engineering disciplines. There are a diverse range of opportunities available to young people and this event will demonstrate how exciting and rewarding a career in the subsea sector can be.

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