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Lunch and Learn with CNR International

21 August 2012

This event has concluded.

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Date: 21st August 2012

Information: Steve Etherson, responsible for Subsea & Pipelines at CNR International, gave an overview of CNR International's Murchison decommissioning programme.

The Lunch and Learn session provided an overview of the removal options for the Murchison Platform in the Northern North Sea. Pre-planning began in 2010 with a raft of studies to enable the comparative assessment of options needed to identify the way forward - a process which is expected to result in submission of a decommissioning programme in early 2013 and cessation of production in 2014.

In a two part presentation with plenty of opportunity for questions, Steve Etherson, CNR International's Subsea and Pipeline Lead Engineer, took participants through details of the platform and subsea profile, covering the chief removal options being considered for the decommissioning programme. This included pipelines, bundles and wellheads/debris to be taken out of service.

Speaking ahead of the event, Steve commented: "As the largest steel jacket platform to be decommissioned to date, Murchison presents a series of complex challenges which has to be underpinned by thorough preparation and an in-depth evaluation of the possibilities in order to make CNR International's first decommissioning programme a real success. Ensuring we harness the best possible expertise in assessing the options as well as in developing the eventual programme to be carried out is key. Sharing the results of the process to date reflects our commitment to joint industry learning and a partnership approach to meeting the challenges of decommissioning in the North Sea over coming decades."