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Subsea 7 Voted Top Three Employer by Engineering Students in Norway

29 May 2012

Subsea 7, a global leader in seabed-to-surface engineering, construction and services to the offshore energy industry, has demonstrated its appeal to the next generation of engineers after being voted in the top tier of three companies, in a career survey of over 100 engineering companies in Norway.

Over the course of a month 5,000 engineering students took part in the engineering employer survey, conducted by student web portal StudentTorget. The students were asked to consider what influences their choice of employer and how attractive different engineering companies are as potential employers.

According to the survey, students believe the most important criteria for their choice of employers are exciting and diverse challenges, high quality facilities and the balance between work and leisure time. Investing in people is also extremely important to student engineers, as they look for companies with the best training and experience opportunities for them to develop and manage their careers.

John Eidsnes, Subsea 7s Engineering Director for Norway, said: We are very proud of our engineering graduate programme. We put a lot of effort into developing the technical skills, knowledge and competencies of graduates and are extremely pleased that young engineers want to advance their careers with us.

Subsea 7 employs some 1,700 engineers at its sites around the world and recruits in the region of 100 engineering graduates each year for its leading two-year graduate programme.

In addition to this, the Company runs an Engineering Conversion Programme for experienced engineers from other industries. Engineers across many industrial sectors, including the automotive, defence and aerospace are attracted to the programme.

Allen Leatt, Subsea 7s Senior Vice President Engineering, said: We are a successful company and engineering is at the heart of our projects; it drives everything we do. We constantly look to grow and develop our engineering skills and our graduate intake is the starting point for many of our young professionals.