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New Generation Low-Light Underwater Camera from Kongsberg Maritime

25 February 2009

Kongsberg Maritime Ltd, the leading underwater camera specialist will exhibit its new generation low-light underwater camera{MORE}, the OE13 124 BIT at Subsea 09. This new high performance camera was unveiled in November 2008, and subsequently Kongsberg Maritime has introduced a EIA RS170 (525 line 60Hz) version in addition to the original CCIR (625 line, 50Hz) version.

The OE13 124 BIT delivers unprecedented light sensitivity, image quality and range performance, enabling users to undertake more accurate, longer range underwater vehicle navigation in low-light and in turbid water conditions.

For almost 30 years, Kongsberg Maritime has led in the innovation of low-light underwater video camera technology for sophisticated military, scientific and offshore ROVs, plough and trencher vehicle navigation and underwater surveillance, where the best possible camera sensitivity, image-contrast and definition is key in order to achieve maximum through-water viewing performance.

Building on previously successful enhanced SIT (Silicon Intensifier Target) and 1st Generation EMCCD based low-light camera products, the new OE13-124 BIT features an advanced back illuminated and thinned (BIT) CCD light sensor, thermo-electric cooling and integral image-processing algorithms, which delivers up to six-times the light efficiency in water of 1st Generation EMCCD sensors.

This performance, combined with a host of other best-in-class features, results in significantly optimised image detail, contrast, sharpness and low-noise levels across a wide dynamic brightness range.

The enhanced viewing capability enables users to undertake more accurate, longer range underwater vehicle navigation and surveillance in harsh environments, low light and turbid water conditions down to 4500m depth and beyond. The OE13-124 BIT has significantly reduced image lag, immunity to image-burn and offers improved reliability, maintainability and through-life savings.

The OE13-124 BIT is built and tested to rigorous quality standards and incorporates the highest levels of temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, over-voltage and electromagnetic compatibility protection and comes supplied with an individual light sensitivity performance test certificate and 2 year warranty as standard.

"Significant advances in core imaging sensor technology have enabled us to yet again provide a step-change in low-light underwater camera performance," comments Kongsberg Maritime Ltd's General Manager David Mackay. "After rigorous testing and performance benchmarking, our customers believe the OE13-124 will offer major advantages in the field, including improved ROV navigation and underwater surveillance efficiency. The development of this new low-light camera and recent advanced HD cameras keeps us at the forefront of underwater camera technology."

With over 30 years experience Kongsberg Maritime is the leader in providing innovative underwater cameras that are built to continuously support the most demanding Offshore-Oil field, Marine Research and Military applications.

With extensive technical and manufacturing expertise Kongsberg design and engineer its cameras to provide the best possible underwater viewing performance. The highest build quality and built in electronic and environmental protection features coupled with industry leading through-life support commitment around the globe ensure the operational dependability customers expect.

The OE13-124 will be on show at Underwater Intervention 2009 in New Orleans, 3rd - 5th March, booth 401 and Ocean Business 2009 in Southampton, 31st March - 2nd April, booth N1.