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Unique Cameras by Bowtech Products

25 February 2009

Advances in underwater vision systems are often initiated by a customer's demand for increased ability and capability to cater for new subsea technologies or specific underwater tasks.

This has driven companies like Bowtech Products to develop and provide the technology to meet these expectations. Whether that is for small ROV tooling intervention cameras, NDT Inspection quality, oceanographic survey, low light salvage work, diver helmet mounted cameras - or any other of the myriad of modern subsea tasks that requires a complete and advanced imaging solution - companies like Bowtech have led the way.

The latest generation of Bowtech Products ultra low light and HD cameras reflects this progress.

The lack of available tubes for low light SIT cameras meant that an alternative or improved technology had to be found.

Bowtech developed and were the first to market this next generation camera for ultra low light viewing. The Bowtech Explorer EXTREME using Cooled BIT EMCCD technology has now achieved this.

In the case of salvage companies, who by their nature need to sell film and documentary rights, one of the key driving forces in product improvement is to bring HD quality subsea video to the surface and beyond. Having manufactured one of the first HD cameras, Bowtech Products are now testing a unique and compact 1080i/720p camera with fiber output to cater for this customer driven requirement.

This 6,000m grade 5 titanium alloy housed camera, with sapphire glass window, can also provide component or HD-SDI output with a wide variety of matched connector solutions, cabling and complimentary LED lighting. The Bowtech Surveyor HD colour camera, with unique fiber output also has an optical zoom of 10:1.

Such progress means that high profile underwater discoveries can be filmed in all their HD glory. If in any doubt what an HD camera can do, look at a bank note with the naked eye and then with an HD camera. This will give you an idea of the definition, hidden clarity and information that HD video now brings to the subsea world.

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