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Subsea Grab Device for Debris Removal

26 June 2012

Marin Subsea has developed a high-volume grab tool for a range of applications, including large-scale brownfield clearance.

The tool forms part of the EVO Marin Debris Recovery System (MDRS) and is capable of operating in harsh subsea environments for recovery and removal of assorted debris.

The hydraulically-driven, multi-tined Evo MDRS grab can be deployed by single wire or by a remote actuation pack and operated via clients’ ROV intervention systems.

Marub Group CEO George Stroud said the tool "can be used at any depth, and can be configured to address a wide variety of subsea requirements, either as a standalone tool or in conjunction with our Evo JetProp high-volume excavation systems and Evo Shearpower cutting tool.”

The MDRS grab has interchangeable teeth, and wedges can be fitted to secure uneven loads. It can be configured for recovery and removal of rock dump, concrete mattresses, including bitumen - protection covers, pipelines, and cables.