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Subsea 7 Gears up for Dundee Robots

30 July 2012

HOLLYWOOD robots like R2-D2 and C3PO from Star Wars may seem a universe away from the automated vehicles that roam the depths of the North Sea but a new show at Dundee Science Centre aims to show they have more in common than you think.

Graham Sharland, who has the very cool title of vice-president for "life of field services and i-tech” at Aberdeen-based offshore engineering and services specialist Subsea 7, said sponsoring the centre’s Robot: The Fantasy & the Reality exhibition held great appeal for him.

He said: "Robots of all types share a similar purpose – to replicate in some way movements or behaviours of a human being.

"Whether it is to act as the eyes of an offshore inspection specialist or replicate the diving, running, jumping movement of a person, the basic functions are the same, all are made possible by resourceful, intelligent professionals together with the latest computer technology.”

The show, which runs until 30 September, will also feature cyborgs and robots from films and television series including Iron Man, Mars Attacks! and Red Dwarf.

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