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Fugro Academy Runs its 1000th Surveying Course

14 August 2012

At the end of June 2012, Fugro Academy delivered its 1000th surveying course.

Fugro Academy has been delivering survey training since its creation in 2006. In that time, 1000 instructor-led survey courses have been delivered for over 7600 staff representing about 35,000 days of training.

Survey training courses are developed to support the training and development of Fugro’s surveyors, engineers, geophysicists and data processors. Training starts with basic induction to and familiarisation with the company and offshore survey operations, leading to technical courses in systems and processes used by Fugro, through to supervisory and management training for senior staff as they take on leadership and supervisory roles in offshore operations.Almost 50 different courses are available to Fugro staff to help them develop the experience and competence required to perform their roles.

A dedicated team of experienced survey professionals design, develop and deliver these courses. These trainers have many years of experience in their areas of specialism and through training courses pass on their knowledge and experience to their colleagues.

As well as classroom training courses, Fugro Academy also provides a wide range of online courses to staff covering surveying, health and safety, human resource development, office software applications, leadership and management and interpersonal skills. Many of these have been developed internally to address the specific requirements of Fugro’s business.