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Viper Subsea Offers Solution for JIC Leaks

31 August 2012

Viper Subsea has developed a solution to one of the oldest problems in subsea engineering with the development of the V-SECURE.

V-SECURE has been designed to answer the recurring problem of JIC fittings developing leaks during service. There are various reasons for JIC fittings loosening, one of them being the female swivel slackening off because of pressure pulses. By using a robust clamping mechanism, V-SECURE prevents the connector from loosening once it has been installed, significantly reducing the risk of fluid leakages, and subsequent loss of hydraulic functionality.

As well as being applied to new applications, V-SECURE can be applied to already-assembled fittings. Another feature that makes them straightforward to use is that V-SECURE can be removed and refitted over and over again without the need for replacement parts.

Viper Subsea is a subsea engineering company that specializes in the design and delivery of underwater components for the oil and gas sectors, but V-SECURE can be used for both subsea and surface applications.

Neil Douglas, managing director of Viper Subsea, said: "Operators need to have total confidence in their engineering systems and V-SECURE provides a breakthrough by enhancing the resilience of those systems. With the assembly of V-SECURE consisting of only three parts, it provides a straightforward means of enhancing the robustness of JIC fittings. This in turn improves the dependability of both subsea and surface applications a huge benefit for operators."

V-SECURE is suitable for JIC -4, -6, -8 and -12 fittings.