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Download New WFS Technical Paper "AUV Wireless Positioning, Communication & Power Transfer Systems"

26 September 2012

Low and medium-frequency electromagnetic antenna design and Digital Signal Processing technologies are being used to enable communication between AUVís and subsea equipment, including the harvesting of sensor data and transfer of video. The same communication signals are used to provide close-range navigation systems to facilitate the docking of subsea assets. This technical paper explores the use of electromagnetic techniques to facilitate wireless positioning, communication and power-transfer with subsea AUVs.

Communications and positioning capability can be supplemented by the ability to transfer power across an inductive link subsea, removing the complex and comparatively risky option of the "hot-stabĒ and enabling a reliable and repeatable method for recharging subsea assets such as sensors, data-loggers and the AUV itself.

Electromagnetic field simulation in both air and sea-water are covered in the paper, along with trial results demonstrating practical application of the technology.

Download a copy of "AUV Wireless Positioning, Communication & Power Transfer Systems" from the WFS website.